Operations and Production Intern

What it takes


  • You’re a team player — you’ll work closely with our production team and will assist them in all of their various tasks.
  • Details are your best friend — being precise and detail oriented is key in this role. Our customers expect consistency, and so do we!
  • You're organized — calling all control freaks! If you organize your closet by color and season, this is exactly the job for you. With many different tasks, it is essential to stay organized.

We make scent happen — But it all starts somewhere.

We love that our business is growing exponentially. However, more customers means more orders that need to be fulfilled each month. Our production and operations team is one of the most essential areas of our company. Without them, we have no product.

If you are looking for experience in the areas of production and operations, this role is perfect for you! Not only will you have a hands on role in fulfilling orders, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn the foundation of our business model from our expert production team.
We will need your insight and ideas, too. As we continue to grow each month, we are always looking for the best way to operate efficiently. This role is perfect for someone looking to join our team in a more formal, career capacity at the conclusion of the internship.

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